Because Every Pet Deserves Kisses and Cuddles! - Terri and Bochi enjoying some cuddles!
September 2013
"I have used Terri several times and continue to use her.  She is a very reliable and dependable.  I highly recommend her to my neighbors and friends."  Jennifer V
September 2013
"Terri and Garrett are as reliable as the sun rising the next day. Their email updates comfort me knowing that my kitties are doing well even though I am away from home."  Bob V
February 2013
"Terri has been pet sitting for us for over three years.  She is well-loved by our two border collies and treats them like her own.  We love that she stays in constant communication with us while we are gone and updates us each day, many times after each visit!  We are very comfortable with Terri in charge and know that our dogs are getting the best care.  When we arrive home, our pets greet us as if we've never been gone!"  Karen H.
January 2013
"Kisses and Cuddles has been taking care of my babies whenever I go out of town since 2011.  I have such peace of mind while I'm away and really love how Terri keeps in close touch with me when I travel by sending me texts and pictures of my two precious animals.  She takes her time with them during her visits, incorporating lots of play and affection, in addition to the usual tasks that come with animal care.  They have really taken to her, which is no easy task with these two finicky felines!"  Kelley B.
August 2012
"I can wholeheartedly recommend Kisses and Cuddles Pet Services for cat-sitting.  We come home to happy cats, which I recognize as the sign of a good sitter.  If I could speak their language, I know I'd hear my cats ask me, "When are you leaving again so Terri and Kim can come visit?"   Martina W.
April 2012
"Terri and her team at Kisses and Cuddles provide the kind of care to my pets that I do. They treat my dog and cat as if they were their pets. My neighbors always tell me when I get back from travelling that they saw Katie being walked and loved. It gives me such peace of mind knowing that I can travel for work and my pets are being cared for in their own home. Truly, if it weren't for Kisses and Cuddles I don't know if I would be able to keep my dog. They are always available, always reliable, and I trust them 100%". Carisa C.
April 2012
"You have people who like pets and then you have pet lovers! I have four wonderful dogs that are not just pets- they are a part of my family. My work has required me to travel more now than ever before which meant I had to find someone that I would trust to care for my family members and I did. Kisses and Cuddles treats my boys as if they were theirs. They love and care for them in my home so my boys never have to be displaced at any time. They give them the care that I would if I was home. They walk them so that they continue to get their much needed excercise. When I leave I know I will miss them but more importantly I know that they will be well taken care of and a little more spoiled upon my return. I highly recommend Kisses and Cuddles, you will not be disappointed". Lynn A.
April 2012
"We have been relying on Kisses and Cuddles Pet Sitting for about 3 years. We never worry about our furry babies while we are away because we know how much Terri and the girls love them up. They are dedicated to doing whatever it takes to provide the best care for our pets. Couldn't imagine leaving them with anyone or anywhere else! Sonia R.
July 2011
"Your Gals are absolutely splendid!  We had total peace of mind and felt really glad that the puppies were getting spoiled. It also put us at ease to know that responsible smart adults were checking on the house as well several times a day.  We never did that before and must say what a benefit that was beyond just happy dogs."
Jackie C
July 2011
I chose "Kisses and Cuddles" after meeting Terri at a clinic for stray cats.  I was impressed with her expertise and calm demeanor, and decided if I needed a pet sitting service in the future to call her.  I have been using "Kisses and Cuddles" since adopting my Germand Shepherd.  I have found Terri trustworthy, professional, dependable and most of all, compassionate and loving with my dog.  She goes "the extra mile" to accomodate schedule changes, and gives me PEACE of MIND!
Barbara R
April 2011
I work in the 911 call center which is considered to be a stressful job.  The most stressful part of my day is leaving my dogs Scruffy and Peanut home alone while I am working.  Jackie has been an angel for me.  My mind is at ease knowing Jackie will be coming over to walk my dogs, play with them and check in on them when I am working.  Than You Jackie!
Mary V
January 2011
From the first time we met Terri we knew there was nothing to worry about. We felt so very comfortable having her in our home and trusting her with our children. Licorice (our very spoiled feline child) now considers Terri part of the family  as do we and  our fish.. We have a 300 gallon salt water reef and fish aquarium and it is not always easy finding someone that is comfortable much less capable of taking care of and maintaining this when we are away. Terri stepped in and has done a GREAT job! All I can say is, Thanks Terri for always being there and  taking such wonderful care of our kids. It’s  the small things, like the little text messages or pictures you send, letting us know all is well while we are away that sets you apart and makes you special. You’re the BEST!!!!
Steve, Marti, Licorice & the Fish
October 2010
It's such a relief to have someone I can trust as much as Terri with my dog and in my home.  She takes excellent care of my dog and respects whatever is important to me.
V Smith
October, 2010
My pet is my baby!  He is extremely special to me and I rarely travel, so when I must, I find it unsettling.  But for Loverboy, it seems just dandy!  Terri knows what he likes to do, follows his lead, spends time with him to engage and challenge him.  So, he finds it a bit like camp: "Mom is gone but the camp couselor is here-and she really knows what she is doing, so it's fine with me". I get regular updates upon each visit, which helps me during my absence.  Plus, I feel that Kisses and Cuddles prices are great, when compared to others.  The fact that they are bonded and insured, is the only way to go.  I would leave my pet with Terri and her company anytime and recommend them to everyone that I know.  Try it--you'll see.
S McGuire
September 17, 2010
"Terri is the best!   I tried out several pet sitters before I finally found her.  And she really made my life so much easier.  My pack can be somewhat challenging.  She took the time to get to know them, and easily dealt with their personalities and little quirks.   They were always happy and calm after spending time with her!  That is what tells the story.  Terri is also great about staying in touch.  She sends me pictures of my babies, and updates on how they are doing when I am away.  I highly recommend her as a pet sitter."
C Fletcher
August 2010
"We can't think of any improvements!  The service you provide is excellent.  Maggie is well-cared for and content when we return.  And we especially appreciate the daily text messages and occasional photo's.  Keep up the good work!
G and C Walters
August 2010
"I know when you are here the pets are in good hands.  We love getting the text messages and pics daily.  It eases any guilt we have of leaving behind.  It's so nice to be able to keep them in their same enviornment-
Thanks for everything!"
K and K Arnold
July 24, 2010
"Best dog sitter I've ever had!  I would highly recommend using Kisses and Cuddles!!!"
A Bacher
July 14, 2010
"I have reservations when it comes to allowing people within my home, but with Terri and her staff I was totally comfortable opening my home to them after meeting them the first time.  I also saw how easy my dogs took to them and how much genuine love Terri and her staff had for them!  Thanks Kisses and Cuddles!
F Doranth
July 14, 2010
"Kisses and Cuddles is the absolute BEST!  I have absolutely no worries or hesitation when we're not home because I know that our "babies" are in the best care possible!  In fact the dog usually pouts when we get home because he knows his visits from Terri are done!"
R Smith on behalf of Truman and Hoover
May 2009
"I have known Terri for the last 7 years on a professional basis.  She was a staffing specialist at that time and her role was to handle all of our clients with their staffing needs.  This specific role required attention to detail, patience and a strong understanding of what the clients needs were the first time!!  Now, Terri is my professional pet sitter.  I have special needs children.  One cat that is on oral medication that has to be administered 2x per day and a Rat Terrier that was a rescue that has quite a few emotional issues.  Terri is a professional who takes the time to understand what makes my kids tick and the heart to do it with. Please feel free to call with any questions."
Patrice Bartro 941-928-4900
May 2009
"This letter is my personal recommendation for Terri Drenth of Kisses and Cuddles.  She has been a trusted friend and colleague for over 6 years.  I can attest to her love of animals, through observing her interaction and training with her own pets over the years, and her volunteering for various causes benefitting animals.  She has taken care of sick animals as if they were her own children, monitoring their behavior and habits to determine their ailments, symptoms and treatment to assist her veterinarian in treatment.  She is very observant, repsonsible and trustworthy.  She is the type of person to take the extra steps necessary to do the right thing, and she does a great job.  I highly recommend Terri and Kisses and Cuddles to care for your pets in your home, or anywhere you need her services!
Angela Sauro
May 2009
I have known Terri Drenth for three years now and I was so excited when I found out she was starting her own pet sitting business in Sarasota, Florida.  I have always admired the way she took care of her animals and while I did have a cat, hanging out with her menagerie of pets made me long to have a dog again.  I adopted my dog Sabrina from the shelter and felt she needed a friend, so I went back and adopted Jack.  I used Terri's services a couple months ago and had her come by and play with Jack and Sabrina and give them love and treats.  Jack and Sabrina are young and full of energy.  I had no doubt that Terri would be patient with my dogs and love them up as I would.  And with her 12 years veterinary technician experience I am confident she can handle any emergency that comes her way.  I know I never have to worry about going out of town and leaving my pets because Terri is here to take care of them.  Without a doubt, I would recommend Kisses and Cuddles Pet Services.  If you would like to speak to me regarding using Terri's services, you can call me at 941-224-6538 or email me at "
Michelle Yates
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