Because Every Pet Deserves Kisses and Cuddles! - Terri and Bochi enjoying some cuddles!
Pet Services to fit YOUR needs
Initial Consultation (required for all New Clients)
Free (up to 60 minutes)
This is when we get acquainted with you, your pets and your home.  We want to know what you expect from your pet sitters and how we can help you relax while your pets are in the care of Kisses and Cuddles.  After all, pets are family too!
We will learn your pet(s) daily schedule, medications, special treats, favorite toys, history of illness, and what type of "Kisses and Cuddles" they prefer and more...
We want to know if there are any special touches we can provide to your home.  Pet sitters can provide crime deterring measures such as alternating lights, take in the mail/newspaper, place garbage disposal by the curb and more...
A service contract will be filled out and signed.  The service contract will provide us with information we will need to provide you our personalized services.
Please be prepared to show proof of current RabiesVaccination at this time.
Provided we both feel Kisses and Cuddles Pet Services can give you the service you are looking for, please be prepared to provide two house keys to avoid additional fees for key pick up.
We customize our services to fit your needs!
Follow up Consultation (per client request)
$20 (up to 30 minutes)
If you have a change in your pet(s) routine, welcome a new pet into your home, move to a new location or would justs like to meet with us again, we will provide a follow up consultation.
Pet Visit in Your Home
Daily Dog Walking
Starting at:     $20
This service is ideal for owners that work long hours, housebreaking new puppies, home-bound owners, ill pets that need to be looked upon during an owners absence, owner's that just want to get away for the day, or anyone that just want their pet(s) to receive extra Kisses and Cuddles during the day.  Regardless of the reason...we are their for you!
Your dog(s) will receive a personalized on leash walk or play time in your yard.  Cats will receive play time, lap time or whatever the boss demands :).  We will customize the service to accommodate the needs of ill animals.  Fresh water and food will be provided as needed, as well as all the Kisses and Cuddles your pet(s) will allow.  You pick the duration of the visit and we provide the tender loving care your pet(s) deserve.
Rates apply above for all dogs in one household that can safely be walked together, as decided by the sitter.
Vacation Care
Starting at:      $20
For our traveling owners or home bound owners we can take care of your pet(s) by making multiple visits per day to provide fresh food, fresh water, treats, and medications, scoop litter boxes and provide as much Kisses and Cuddles your pet(s) will allow!
Dogs will receive a personalized on leash walk or play time in your yard.  Cats will receive play time, lap time or whatever the boss demands :)
During these visits we like to provide your home personal attention by providing the following complimentary services:
  • Take in mail/newspaper
  • Place garbage waste by the curb
  • Alternate lights
  • Alternate curtains/blinds
  • Water indoor plants
If a service is not listed above that you would like Kisses and Cuddles to provide, please inquire.  Additonal fees may apply.
Personalized Pet Sitting for dogs requires a minimum of 2 visits per day.
Personalized Pet Sitting for cats requires a minuimum of 1 visit per day.
Kisses and Cuddles will also provide personalized pet care for birds and exotics.  Additional care for these pets may be complimentary or additional fees may apply.
Overnight Pet Sitting in Your Home
Standard Overnight
Starting at $85 (12 hour overnight with mid day visit included)
For those pet owners that don't want their pets to be home alone at night with an added benefit of extra Kisses and Cuddles, we offer overnight pet sitting in your home. Our Standard Overnight is for those pets whose owners work during the day or are used to being alone for longer periods of time.
Dogs will receive a personalized on leash walk or play time in your yard in the morning, mid day and bedtime.  Cats will receive play time, lap time or whatever the boss demands :)
Kisses and Cuddles will also provide your home with the same complimentary personal attention as we during do our Multi-Visit Pet Sitting Services.
Move In Overnight
Starting at $100 

When your pets are used to having you around more than you are out the Move In Overnight is right for you.  We "Move In" to your home and leave throughout the day for shorter periods of time than our Standard Overnight.  This means more walks, more play, more lap time and more Kisses and Cuddles!
Subject to availability
Pet Sitting by the Hour
Inquire Within
Kisses and Cuddles offers Personalized Pet Care for those pets that are in need of continuous care.  Whether your pet has a medical condition that requires constant care or pets that just don't like to be alone, this service may be right for you.  We can customize this service to fit your needs.
Subject to availability
Pet Chauffeur Services
Starting at $25
Let Kisses and Cuddles transport your pet to their next grooming or veterinary appointment.  We offer drop off services as well as transport by the hour.
Additional Fees
  • $15 Drop off OR Pick up keys for customers not signed up for our "Ready Key" program
  • $10 for the first additional key made per your request and $5 each additional
  • $7 per visit for the following listed holidays:  New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve
  • $25 flat fee added to overnight stay's for all holiday's listed above
  • $7 late night visit (after 10pm)
  • $7 early morning visit (before 7am)
  • $25 return check fee
  • Cancellation fees may apply
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