Because Every Pet Deserves Kisses and Cuddles! - Terri and Bochi enjoying some cuddles!
In Honor of an Angel
Ah, the pitter patter, pitter patter of tiny puppy feet...oh no...! Wait! Please don't pee there!!
And so it began.  February of 2000, my relationship with a 14lb bag of wrinkles that I named Bochi, aka King, Skeech, Monkey Walrus, Floor Wart and countless other loving nicknames. (full name Bochi Manatee Lemon)
My puppy Bochi had a tough act to follow.  My first Sharpei was a present for my 18th birthday.  When he was called to the angels and passed away 7 1/2 years later I was truly devastated.  It took a Red and White five year old English Bulldog named Bo to put a smile back on my face and laughter in my heart.  What a clown he was.  I could go on and on about Cho Cho and Bo...but this is Bochi's story.
So here I am with this little puppy that loved to get into everything...what puppy doesn't? I remember walking Bochi one day when he was still very young and having a conversation with him about how he really needs to hurry up and get bigger so his momma didn't have to worry about him so much.  He just looked so tiny...
Bochi's first six months with me we lived in Northern NJ.  He was actually able to enjoy his one and only snowstorm that April before we moved to Florida in August.  If you have never seen a dog play in snow...well let me tell is a hoot!
But we left the snow behind and Bochi and I, along with a newly adopted cat Charles, got in the car and headed for new adventures.  1200 miles and my boy slept in the car the entire time.  Can't say the same for Charles...
My new adventures consisted of a new job, new friends, and new hobbies.  Bochi's new adventures consisted of either digging for that lizard he thought he saw (his eyesight wasn't very good) or he truly was trying to dig back to China.  He enjoyed sunning himself on the hot asphalt (never really did understand that one), going to the dog beach only to get his feet wet, or camping and sharing a seat with his momma around the campfire.  He was also able to make a few friends.  My girlfriends dog Smoky was a frequent play mate and he enjoyed his walks with my neighbor Karen and her dog Nikki.  You should know right now how impressive it was for Bochi to have friends.  You see...Bochi was king...he knew it...and he was quite the snob.
And I loved it!!  To watch him so confident and strut his stuff whenever we went for walks, to the dog park, or to the beach was a lot of fun.  And his momma stopped worrying so much!  My dog acted like he was tough nuggets!
And this attitude came in particularly handy when I acquired a black lab named Max.  You see Max wanted to be Alpha dog.  Bochi...and his momma would have no part of that.
Life wasn't always easy for Bochi.  He was born with a cleft pallate that lead to him being tube fed and surgery at 3 weeks of age.  He endured an infamous and baffling illness that only Sharpei's seem to be privy to, chronic Lyme Disease (as least we think that is what it was) that caused joint pain every couple of years, and in the end an illness that he battled for at least two years.
Those, however, are not the things I would like to remember about Bochi.  What I would like to remember most about him is the dignity and grace in which he fought each illness. The tenacity to stay here with his momma to give her daily lessons of unconditional love, his overall gentleness of his whole being and his lessons in patience when he had to pick the most perfect spot ever to do his business- oh wait! nope that isn't the right spot :)
If you ever wonder where the name Bochi comes from....Take the "BO" from Bo, the "CH" for Cho Cho and the "I" for his individual self.
If you ever wonder where the name for my business came about...well ya day momma was giving Bochi Kisses and Cuddles!!
All my love,
Bochi Manatee Lemon
11/15/1999 - 09/16/2009
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