Because Every Pet Deserves Kisses and Cuddles! - Terri and Bochi enjoying some cuddles!

Terri Drenth and Garrett Houge
Proud owners of:
 Kisses and Cuddles Pet Services
 Veterinary Technician Experience 12 years
Pet Sitting Experience over 12 years    

Garrett Houge is what one might consider a native of Sarasota, Florida after moving here from Wisconsin with his family when he was six months old.  While always having a warm heart toward animals, he truly blossomed that passion when he started to share his home with Terri and her menagerie of animals many years ago.  With his multitude of years working in the corporate world, he shares the same philosophy as Terri, and manages the business to the highest of standards.  Here is Garrett with Tao Ching Ting (we call her Tao).  She was rescued and adopted through Florida Sharpei Rescue.  She is the first dog we truly share, as she loves both her mommy and daddy just the same! (Update 2019; Tao did leave us for the Rainbow Bridge in 2015 which was truly devastating for us. If you read below Terri has taken a step back from the business and Garrett is currently running the business and spoiling all the Kisses and Cuddles pets at this time.  When he needs a little help, Terri does step in from time to time to give the love your pets deserve.

Terri and Bochi 
Terri Drenth is a native of Northern New Jersey where she worked in the veterinary field for twelve years and operated a pet sitting business for three. Moving to Sarasota, Florida in August of 2000 she is very happy to call Florida her home .  Always one to take in the strays, her dedication and passion for animals led her to open Kisses and Cuddles Pet Services in February of 2009.  Her experience working in the corporate world prior to opening her business, has led her to manage her business to the highest of standards.  She is most comfortable surrounded by her pets and spoiling the heck out of yours!  Here she is having a great time posing for pictures with her beloved Sharpei Bochi down at the bayfront. (Update 2019; Terri is currently taking a step back from pet sitting and working full time as a shift supervisor at Starbucks. She discovered during her journey through this business that while she does love working with animals, human connection is also very much needed.  She does currently come out to play when Garrett gets booked and needs some extra help)

Our Current Family


 Ziggy, (AKA Ziggy Pop, Zig Zag, Zig Zig Pop Pop) came to us in November of 2011 after Sharpei Rescue asked if I would go to animal services to take pictures and get more information on this beautiful girl.  Her previous owners were not so nice to her :-( This girl has a lot of love in her heart and shines her light on us every day.  It is now 2013 and she has grown to LOVE her belly rubs and lots of kisses.  She would make a great football player as she loves to "zig zag" around you to play chase...and she is hard to catch!

Meet Willow (AKA Willow Bee, Bee, Sassy Pants and many more) Willow was adopted from Florida Sharpei back in September of 2016.  After losing our beloveds Charles, Tao, Casper, Max and Tuna within 18 months of each other it was time to put some smiles on our faces.  It was a rough road traveled but Willow has brought a lot of light into our lives.  Zig and Willow play chase and wrestle from time to time, but her favorite game of all time is playing hide and seek with her momma!  She is super smart and tells us exactly when it is time for another "treat".  


RIP: Meet Sir Charles...moved here with Terri from New Jersey with his brother Bochi.  Charles enjoys eating, playing with toys, sleeping on your lap, and did I say eating?? Charles is what his momma calls a "cat-dog" a kitty in a doggie's body!  Too smart for his own good.  He knows his name and comes when he is called...on his own time :)
RIP:Watch you fingers with Casper! My Siamese mix loves to be loved on her terms only.  And that is just fine with us.  This little girl much prefers her daddy's lap and she lets mommy know it by leaving her behind once her dad walks in the door!      Sarasota FL, 34232

RIP Mr. Max!  Our high energy lab loves his tennis ball...or should I say is obsessed by it?  His other favorite past times are camping, swimming, playing with toys and just plain being goofy.  While his momma would prefer him to be a momma's
boy...he sure does love his daddy!
While he gets along with his brother Tuna (and Bochi) he doesn't take to all dogs the way one would expect a happy go lucky lab to do. But we love him just the way he is!
RIP Tuna the fish!  Total mothers dog!!  Loves playing with his toys, going for walks, eating, eating and more eating, treats, treats and more treats, and snuggling with the momma every chance he gets.  Loves people and all other dogs.  As you can see...he is a bit goofy like his brother Max!
RIP Tao Ching Ting (Way of the Dragonfly) is our newest addition.  We rescued her the beginning of April 2011 and she was in pretty bad shape.  She has come a long way in getting healthy thanks to good food, LOTS of love, TLC and an awesome veterinarian that takes great care of her. Tao is a bundle of love.  She LOVES to cuddle, go for walks and play, play, play.  She enjoys all of the visitors that stay with us and really likes it if they play with her! 
 princess Lizzie
We found this very sweet girl near a dumpster at a local church in Sarasota.  She was so hungry she ate the only thing we had at the time...potato chips.  Our little girl was one of the sweetest creatures.  She loved cuddling up to anyone (especially her momma).  She was diagnosed with feline leaukemia after her initial vet check and beat the odds to stay here with her humans for five years!
 beloved Bochi
Bochi's favorite pastime was trying to sniff out lizards from the bushes or dirt, going for walks, running in the water at the beach (but only his feet), camping, and being in the vicinity of his mother.  Bochi was and always will be, the inspiration behind the name of the business "Kisses and Cuddles"

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